DIY picture frame chalkboard

A friend gave me a picture frame a while back and the back of it where the stand is was starting to detach, she figured I’d find something to do with it and …… I did!
So first I spray-painted the glass that it came with with chalkboard spray paint from lowes. I was so excited to hurry up and use it I didn’t give it enough time to dry properly so it was kind of hard to write on. This is how it looked

It’s the same one you may have seen on the pallet table we made.
I was getting frustrated it didn’t write very well so I took the glass out and sprayed it again in the other side. A couple coats with drying in between. Then 2 days later I “seasoned” the chalkboard by rolling chalk in one direction over the whole thing then rubbing chalk over the whole thing the other direction.
I liked the frame but decided I wanted to paint it a different color to go with my decor better.


I don’t know if I will be keeping it in this spot because I want to make a much larger one to go on the wall behind the table but for now this will do 👌

Skinny wall table

So far a while now I’ve been wanting a table to fill a blank spot against a wall that connects the dining area to the living room. I need to be able to put up more pictures around the house without just putting them on the walls.
What better place to go than to Pinterest for some ideas 😉. I found one I liked a lot but when clicking on the post it wouldn’t take me anywhere. Which was ok my handy hubby doesn’t need instructions.
This is how it began:

This was the inspiration, to whomever the original table was posted by: thank you for the idea lol.
Time to get started



In case your wondering….YES I do actually help. All my projects I see in my head exactly how I want them to look so I need to be 100% involved to make sure it goes accordingly. 😀


It never gets old writing “love you” notes to hub. 💕

Of course a helper is necessary 👧🔨

Got the base in place



Almost done….


We decided to have it professionally stained

And into the house it goes. This is a temporary set up until I get some pictures I want on it. Until then…..



Fabric bookmark tutorial

So here is how I made the fabric bookmarks.
What you will need:
•fabric cut to 4×8″
•fusible interfacing 3.75×7.75″
•fabric glue
•fabric for making the flower
•button or embellishment
•sewing machine
First follow the directions on the interfacing you bought. Mine said to soak in hot water for 15 minutes then let air dry before working with it.
I then ironed on the interfacing to back side of my main fabric.
Then I folded in half to get ready to sew
Sew 2 raw edges along the interfacing. 1 short side and 1 long side, leave open other short end.
Turn it outside in carefully. ( this could take a little time and maybe a skinny sturdy tool to help get it through.
Iron it all out
Once that’s done turn the open side inside out on top and begin top stitching all for sides.
Done with the sewing!

Now it’s time to make the flower. Begin with the strip like you see here:
Then fold in half at top
Then roll into somewhat of a ball. Take your fabric glue and put a dab in the middle top. Place according to how big you want the flower. Place the fabric down for about 10 seconds and then place fabric glue a little at a time around the fabric as you twist and hold down. Twist, glue, hold down. Repeat until you have reached the fabric all the way around to the edges.
Cut off the end, glue, tuck and hold down.
Add button or embellishment.
Tada!!! Super easy quick and simple. I’m a beginner sewer so for those of you that are more experienced I hope you weren’t looking too closely at my sewing skills lol!
Thanks for stoping by have a great day!!

End of the year teacher gift

Well another school year has came and gone. Time to let the teachers know how much we appreciated all their hard work.
I couldn’t quite figure out what I wanted to do until 2 days ago. I knew I wanted to make something involving sewing since my hubby just got me a sewing machine last week.

So I put a few different ideas together. The first was making some pretty bookmarks made from fabric, what teacher doesn’t read?? Next came the smarties… I had seen something on Pinterest with them and thought it was really cute. Last I couldn’t figure out what the heck to put the smarties in. I came up with a good ol mason jar. Then at Walmart finding a cute little wooden bird to glue on the front. I then had to incorporate the smarties into the equation somehow so I wrote on the little bird with a sharpie.
2 days ago my daughter had her award assembly and I fortunately got a pic with her and her teacher. So I put the picture in the card and framed it with buttons. Sewing tutorial will come soon I was so excited about the gift I had to hurry and post it. Have a great summer!
Last day of school HOORAY!


A simple quick anniversary present

Well it’s been too long since I last posted and I have to admit I have been extremely busy and not enough time to post or let alone do any projects. Well I have done a couple with my mother in laws help but that will come in another post ;)
We just had a surprise anniversary present for some dear friends and of course I love to do a DIY gift but I just didn’t have time. So I went on etsy and found this personalized burlap and then I went and bought my own frame.

Then a few days before the party I had an idea of a DIY gift but waited til last minute to do it. Literally a couple hours before the party I was helping to throw. I ran to Michaels which is 30 min away and picked up and 8×10 frame, some embellishments, a piece of scrap booke paper for back ground and a piece to print on ( although I should have gotten 2 and you will see why) I’m going to snag the gift I gave back and fix it but for now this is it.
So I got home and cut down the paper I was going to print on to computer paper size and went to and searched under books and clicked on sing praises to Jehovah. I printed song #36 “what God has yoked together” – its a beautiful poetic song. Glued everything down a bam that was it. We ran out the door just in time for the party!!


So as you can see there is a middle seem you can see :( this happened because when i was at Michaels I had 2 peices of the tan scrap book paper and for some reason I ended up only buying one. So I had to put to halves together. This is why next time I go to their house I’m taking an extra peice of paper and some glue :)
I have since made this gift again for my cousins wedding and did it a bit different.
The theme of their wedding was country like. For the tables which I seen before hand since my girls were in the wedding was burlap with mason jars in the middle filled with wild flowers. So I decided to go with that theme for my gift. And here’s how it turned out:

And here’s one at the wedding of my beautiful girls.


Diy headboard from pallets

headboard 8

Its been a while since I posted last (sorry). Well we finished this project about a month ago and ive been taking my time to post it. This is a pinterest inspired headboard I had seen a long time ago and we finally did it! Well by we I actually mean “HE” lol! I directed and he made the creation.

*hooks to hang
*scrap wood for the back

So I layed out each pallet exactly how i wanted it to look then he cut them down. We turned them all over so he could screw the wood behind to hold it all together.

Next came the staining, black was my choice because its going to go with my decor best. Although a natural brown would be beautiful too.

After the staining had dried for a few days…weeks….Yep we’re always to busy to finish a project in a day or weekend. Kenny had screwed on the legs, he did this because the wood was so heavy we needed some support to hit the ground because the wall may not have held it.

I’m so pleased with the outcome! My room is finally coming together. We still have a lot to do but a little at a time! Happy blogging!


My favorite time of year is here and I wanted to share with you some pictures I took of my girls yesterday.


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